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Reurbanisation Case Study: London Docklands Essay Sample

These developments have a chain reaction effect. More essays like this: This area now primarily used for recreational purposes, this is achieved as it is not the water that has value but the land surrounding it. These were created for both people who lived in the Docklands, and for the tourists visiting the area.

Five new stations were also developed.

Regeneration of London Docklands Essay Sample

Jobs were the main aspect, many people moved because there were not many jobs in the area. It is restricted by a green belt built in So the employment rate has doubled because of this.

Canary Wharf now holds the title of C. London Docklands declined for a number of reasons. It has shown that wasteland can be turned in to a very affluent area providing jobs and homes. In addition, those that were regenerated were not popular because of the misuse of materials and ideas.

Neither were there proper fast and hard wearing trains or train stations. People are realising that the area has a future. The LDDC wanted to undertake the issues of: This has meant that the development of the Docklands can continue without the investment of public money. In the surrounding areas the stereo typical terrace housing remains along with the poorer community, they see these changes enviously and many of the jobs taken by new comers should have been theirs.

Now I am going to review them to see if the overall project was successful. Adding to the problems, traditional industries in Britain were declining all the time.

Regeneration of London Docklands Essay Sample

However, a new scheme was to be set up, which was thought to be the answer to all the problems that the Docklands contained. The City has its own police department. Four fifths of the city were destroyed. Problems included mainly the factors of money, land, space and work force. In this area was built the London City Airport.

Urban Regeneration of London Docklands – A sustainable success?

In all the LDDC has provided 24, housing units, this will accommodate the additional 45, people that are moving back into the area.

The main transport was by ships, and this was very slow, not to mention the docks were also packed. It is now an office area and there are also numerous luxus accommodations. This trend is due to the new tertiary industry in the area requiring different and new skills, while the locals are still based around the primary and secondary industries.

The gross income lies at The introduction of the university will slowly change this trend but it will take time for its effect to show, locals argue this is un fair and that it will take to long to change.

Lack of planning permission and cheap construction made establishment very easy. The respective unemployment rates were. Evalaute the Success of the Regeneration of London Docklands. Home / Free Essays / GET EVEN A BETTER ESSAY WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON Evalaute the Success of the Regeneration TOPICS.

London Docklands Historical background: During 19th century the port of London was the bussiest in the world Docks surrounded by industries using imported goods and high-density, poor quality housing Thousand used to work in and around the docks 1/4 of the world's trade came trough the Docklands Suffered extensive damage after the war 's many.

London Docklands Essay - London Docklands A Case study of: q Urban redevelopment / Urban regeneration q Economic decline and regeneration q In migration into an area and its impact q An urban planning scheme Where. Essay on London. By Lauren Bradshaw. May 26, After the war there was a slowly decline untilthe end of the docklands.

But at the end of 70ies they were modernized with enormous costs to the most modern part of London. Thatґs why itґs called today the “London of the 21th century”.

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In all aspects, the Docklands have been a success. From a run down inner city, it is now a city within a city. Docklands is a modern hidden community, which once was only run down land.

London docklands essay
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