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To give maximum space to each seed, I have chosen the following layout: Like most typical American families, mine is a nuclear family. However the electrons would collide with each other and atoms in the material would cause them to lose energy. However I realised that the longer lengthened wire possessed the higher resistance therefore the product of the light energy effects the results.

The final column shows an average of the two. Measure the cross section of the graphite. The combined effect of doubling the length and halving the cross-sectional area is that the original resistance of the wire has been quadrupled. The average resistance was calculated as follows: How Long Should an Essay Be.

This conclusion supports and proves my prediction fully, as we can see from the graphs and results. Every material has a value. Safety I'm making this investigation safe in many different ways. This error is often called a bias in the measurement.

A cell connected to an ammeter and a piece of wire in series, and a voltmeter connected outside the circuit so that the voltage and current will not change due to their presence. What you can read next. We collected reliable data easily and quickly, without any problems.

Therefore time affects the resistance per unit length, and so it was kept constant. To conclude when I observed the results that I obtained I was able to discover that the Voltage potential difference increases slightly, whereas, the Amperes current decreased slightly.

For examples random error, systematic error and gross error are static error i random errors Random errors are ones that are easier to deal with because they cause the measurements to fluctuate around the true value. This provides the most specific resistance results.

The diameter of the wire is also going to stay the same to ensure a fair investigation. This is also a sign that the immune system has the ability to fight off any opportunistic infections.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The graph clearly indicates that as the length of the wire increases the resistance increases.

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This is the reason for using 2 layers of kitchen paper to grow my seeds in, as well as placing them by a large, light window. This is because in the preliminary experiment the thinnest wire gave us the widest range of resistance, as I predicted in my hypothesis. Set crocodile clips at various lengths of 1cm to 10 cm 5.

These put in an equation to find resistivity are: This is because the longer the wire, the more metal atoms there are than a short length wire.

I predict that the longer the wire, the higher resistance will be. The effect has not been tested or examined in humans yet through studies in a laboratory with mice has shown nelfinavir can suppress tumor growth in these animals thus representing the promise that the same tests can be carried out in humans.

The graph and table gives us evidence that this is true.

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The third presents all the resistances from my second test. These results support the theory that resistance increases as the length of wire increases. Additional experiments would enable me to obtain the results to show if different types of wire would be the best conductors or resistors of electrical current and therefore make a deduction about which wires would be best suited for different components, therefore indicating the uses of different materials in wires such as steel which is used inside a filament light bulb, this gets hot where as copper is a good conductor and resists heat.

But the risks from this experiment are not that great. If the cross section area of the wire doubled then the resistance is halved because the current can flow more easily. Investigating the resistance of wire Essays: OverInvestigating the resistance of wire Essays, Investigating the resistance of wire Term Papers, Investigating the resistance of wire Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Published: Fri, 29 Dec Background Theory. i Light emitted from any kind of source, e.g. the sun, a light bulb, is a form of energy.

Investigating Resistance

Investigating the resistance of a wire. Planning For this investigation there are a number of variables that can be chosen to change or keep the same, these are/5(1).

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Investigation To Measure The Resistivity Of Graphite Essay Sample. Aim. The aim of the experiment is to find out the resistivity of graphite.

The resistance which is measured in ohms of a resistor is applied with three basic elements.

Investigating resistance essay
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